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Robert Culp

R. Culp was one of my most favorite actors on the whole Columbo series. He starred in three episodes as the murderer, and one as a lawyer. But if you look back at his entire career there is so much more that he did rather than Columbo

He played back in the 1960s in I Spy. And then I'm sure many of you remember his portrayal of an FBI agent in The Greatest American Hero. But more than that, he was in so many other episodes of various film and TV. Including westerns. The man was a genius. And he deserves every possible Kudos that he could ever get

Re: Robert Culp

Yes, Fred, he was a great "Columbo" villain, perfect for that role in many ways. He passed away in 2010, but your post got me thinking that some of those villains, even from the original series, are still with us: Dick Van Dyke, Vera Miles, Clive Revill, and Lee Grant (one of the 2 earliest murderers) are in their 90s, William Shatner just went into space at 90, while George Hamilton, Joyce Van Patten, Trish Van Devere and Hector Elizondo are still youngsters in their 80s.