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Did Beth be convicted ?

Hello, Gentlemen.
Thank you very much for your kind treatment.

Today, I ask you about the legal system in the U.S.

In the episode "Lady in waiting", Beth had gotten the judgement of "Not Guilty", had not ?
The defendant who has gotten the judgement of "Not Guilty" will never be charged again. Even if new evidence was found. Right ?

"No,no, that's grand jury. That's not the judgement. So,That's out of double jeopardy.”
I heard such explanation. Is this right ?

Did Beth be prosecuted for planned murder after the end of the episode ?

This episode is unpopular in Japan. Perhaps, the worst.

Please answer us, who are confusing in the maze.

Re: Did Beth be convicted ?

Welcome, Majutsushi!

First off, I am not a lawyer, but my understanding of the US legal system is such that I believe Columbo is not breaking the double jeopardy standard in this case. A coroner's jury can only find the likely cause of death, it does not pass down a legal verdict (guilty/not guilty) or charges against a specific person. As such, Beth Chadwick has not been legally cleared of anything and is therefore still open to prosecution for the murder of her brother, Bryce.

This has never been one of my favorite episodes, either. I don't like Susan Clark or something. The hairstyling scene has always bothered me - it's so obviously NOT a real salon (see "Old Fashioned Murder" - the Daryl scene) it's a distraction. Also, the fashion sequence where Peter Hamilton can play pool and get a martini while his girlfriend buys a dress???? Were stores actually like that????
Also, the lightbulb throwing scene. Beth starts saying "Oh, stop telling me to calm down!" before Peter says "Beth, calm down." I could go on, but it's definitely not a favorite, despite the presence of Leslie Nielsen.

Re: Did Beth be convicted ?

Oh,Thank you very much !
The long mystery has been solved now !

By the way, in the salon, is there Mike Larry ?
A man who holds a vase resembles him.

I watched “The Sting” last month on NHK BSP, Mike Larry’s sudden appearance hit me deeply.
I felt really “It”s a small world”.

Re: Did Beth be convicted ?

Oh, I misspelled again !
He is “Mike Lally”, not “Larry” !
I am very sorry for my mistake.