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MeTV to "retire" Columbo

For viewers in the US, I see MeTV has lost its rights to Columbo. They'll have a four show blow out next weekend, but then he's gone. Probably no biggie given how readily available DVDs and Internet options are, but still sad to see.

On a brighter note, I watched "Dagger of the Mind" on MeTV last night, and they finally put the final scene back in. They had been airing the episode with that scene cut out (the one where Columbo explains his trick of flipping the pearl into the umbrella). The cut version implied the
"gotcha" moment was the final scene.

Re: MeTV to "retire" Columbo

It was not just this episode. They cut scenes out of a lot of different episodes. I didn't like that very much. I suppose that the commercials are required to pay for the TV station so they get priority at times. You can still get Columbo on Cozi TV.

Re: MeTV to "retire" Columbo

Yup. Cozi's showing the "new" ones.

Better than nothing! :slightly_smiling_face: