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"Janus" textile

When I saw the headline for this, I immediately thought of our dear old friend, Milo Janus. I know we've all been wondering what he's been up to since his arrest for the murder of Gene Stafford. Besides the versatility of the said fabric, what I also found interesting was the history of the Roman god, Janus. Janus is often called "two-faced", which I thought was appropriate for our Columbo character, as he came to Gene Stafford with the guise of "thought I'd stop by and try to answer some of those questions", while in reality he was intent on killing him. His constant reference of "when I grow, you grow", the comments about Buddy Castle ("Buddy is as honest as I am") all point to a two-faced person. But the Roman god Janus was the god of doors, gates and transitions. Milo certainly controlled everything - "right down to the paper clips you make me buy" - but I'm wondering if that's the true underlying symbolism of his name choice. Or did the producers just like the name?

Anyway, it's an interesting read and hopefully will generate some thoughts on the possible symbolism of our fittest murderer.

Re: "Janus" textile

Maybe it was French, a pun,

Milo Janus
Milo J'anus
Milo I'm an anus

Re: "Janus" textile

Haha! Now, we're going down the "Murder: A Self-Portrait" rabbit hole, where "monocle" is "mon oncle" = "my uncle". Columbo did drive a French car, so I suppose anything is possible.