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Re: Columbo actors who wore the same clothes in other roles

I have seen two instances of the same clothes on other actresses in different shows.

1-The dress Joan Hudson (Katherine Justice) wears on the plane in "Prescription Murder" is also worn by actress Lyn Peters in an episode of "It Takes A Thief" that aired the same night.

2-Janet Leigh's goddess gown from the beginning of "Forgotten Lady" turns up again to lesser effect on Cassie Yates in a "Bionic Woman" episode in which Jaime Sommers is in a beauty contest.

Regarding McDowall wearing one of his "Night Gallery" pilot episode outfits, that kind of highlights how when "Short Fuse" was written on short notice, they were clearly working from a template of "write something for Roddy McDowall just like he was in the "Night Gallery" pilot episode. There are a LOT of similarities between the two characters (and both involve murdering an uncle for money) that don't seem coincidental.

Re: Columbo actors who wore the same clothes in other roles

Not really on topic here, but "somewhat" related tangentially... I'd love to find a copy of this rare Columbo shirt from "Troubled Waters"

I can't recall seeing anyone else or Peter Falk wearing it in anything else.