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Exercise in Fatality

What is with the guy who keeps walking back and forth in the Tricon Industry scene when Columbo is dealing with that snotty woman. I put up with her just to watch the guy who keeps walking by. This might become a scene some think is tedious and doesn't add much to the plot. Not me. After seeing all the shows multiple times it's these quirky things that keep me coming back.

Re: Exercise in Fatality

Well this made me dig out my old episode collection just to watch this part.

We see the middle age gentlemen in a leisure suit walk by many times but we also see a middle aged woman in a light brown jacket walk by several times too - 3 I think.

Then it gets even better when Columbo goes to use the phone and we see the gentleman walk by again - in a totally different part of the office! Almost looks like where the employees would be.

Great catch made me do a little work!!

Re: Exercise in Fatality

This doesn't contradict that opinion of her, but some people find the "snotty woman" pretty attractive in a "starched" sort of way. I agree with them.

Re: Exercise in Fatality

Any mention of the phrases Exercise in Fatality and Pretty Attractive together, immediately bring to mind Gretchen Corbett, in the bikini; the absolute sexiest scene in the entire Columbo run.

Now that's sexy. Not the Kim Kardashian sluts of today with their fake boobs hanging out. I'll take Gretchen Corbett, in the bikini, any day over today's trash that we call sexy.

Re: Exercise in Fatality

She looked good! ( I agree about modern women- ugly😝).
The only weakness in the plot is Milo assumed she
would come to his party.
What if she didn't or couldn't?
Very sure of.himself.