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It's not possible

So I watched Negative Reaction over the New Year's. And I came up with a big question. Galesko allegedly took over 500 pictures at San quentin. Nine of which were Mr Deschler. However there is no way in hell that 500 pictures could have fit in that book that he and Columbo were thumbing through. Impossible

Re: It's not possible

522, to be exact. :smiley: I tend to agree with you, given what we can see of the book while Columbo flips through the pages, it does not seem likely that there are 522 pictures in the book.

Re: It's not possible

Yes I agree also that there's no way that 522 pictures could fit in that book. I also like the ending of this episode. Galesko actually hangs himself by identifying the camera. I'm surprised how many killers in the series have a lot of brains but they act like real imbeciles