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Re: Top 3 most hated murderers

These aren't really GOOD reasons, but Paul Gerard is such a "smarmy" character that that could make people hate him as much as the actual murder would.
Also the fact that he's French could be enough to make a viewer funny about him! What I mean is, I don't know about other countries, but Americans are always given such a cartoony image of the French.
Again, those aren't good reasons, but they could work on viewers a little bit.

Re: Top 3 most hated murderers

1. Max Barsini A total ass

2. Col. Braille He was one cocky SOB even going so far as to tell the General he was sleeping with his wife.

3. Graham McVey Killed 2 people but he got his from Fortelli and Columbo in the end. Still doesn't excuse him for being a total creep.

Re: Top 3 most hated murderers

Rodger Stanford commits two murders, but he frames four different people in four different ways (the two murder victims and two others).

Of course, that also takes nerve and imagination.

Re: Top 3 most hated murderers