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"Squeezes" who aren't accomplices

That "Lovely But Lethal" thread has made me wonder, just for the sake of it, how many girlfriends or boyfriends aren't accomplices in any way (except by being TRICKED into backing up the killer's story).

These are the ones I can name off-hand -
Murcheson - Lovely But Lethal (He's not involved with Viveca, but he "worships her from afar.")
Eve Plummer - Murder Under Glass (She's an accomplice, but not to the actual murder.)
Linda Johnson - Candidate For Crime
Jessica Conroy - An Exercise In Fatality
Betty Bishop - Short Fuse
Peter Hamilton - Lady In Waiting
Helen Stuart - Dead Weight (Of course, in her case it starts AFTER the murder.)

You could almost add Jennifer Williams. She never gets completely involved with Elliott, but it always seems this close to happening.

Re: "Squeezes" who aren't accomplices

Great question! I assume we're leaving out spouses, since I would guess at least half a dozen, just off the top of my head.

Would we call Ned Diamond a "squeeze?"

Re: "Squeezes" who aren't accomplices

I guess in the same way as Murcheson.
(If my including him isn't stretching things too much, then including Ned isn't.)