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Murder by the book

-Isn't it strange that the office look like there was burglary and nobody find that list which Franklin left (he comes back there with Columbo and shows it to him)?
- there is a piece of paper in the book that Ken gives to Ms La Sanka, and in the next scene it is gone
-Ken says "Joanna, if you need to get in touch with me, you do know th e number of the cabin".. Isn't it very suspisious??
- Franklins is leaving his apartment (in order to meet with La Sanka) and he leaves lieutenent behind him, not even locking his door, is that normal in USA? :)
- "Jack and Jill went up the hill, did Jack kill Jill? If so, find out why, doesn't sound like a very brilliant idea that should be written down :)

Re: Murder by the book

This is easy to say now that you've mentioned it, but I've always wondered the same thing about Ken giving Joanna his number at the cabin.
Like Mark Halperin, I guess he could claim later on that he had a funny feeling. (Maybe because of that book that James was supposedly writing?)