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Columbo's car crashes

You say Columbo's car was involved in a crash twice, A Netter Of Honor and Make Me A Perfect Murder, but it was also in a minor prang in Caution: Murder Can Be Hazardous To Your Health. Columbo's car and the murderers (George Hamilton) Mercedes collide in the parking lot of George Hamilton's company.

Re: Columbo's car crashes

He was almost involved in a few more for instance:

Ashes to Ashes. While cruising Sunset Blvd. He slams on the brakes and we see a car going around him; horn blaring.

Also he pulls away from the curb in the Bye Bye Sky High episode and a car peels rubber and gets sideways to avoid a crash.

He also pulls into the parking garage in Columbo Goes to College and hits the wall.

Oh and in Negative Reaction he scares the hell out of Larry Stitch while taking him back to the DMV office.

There's probably others too.

Re: Columbo's car crashes

Good observations, Fred and Martin!:+1: