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Another Publish or Perish question

Hello everyone,

It always bothered me - Greenleaf is calling somebody and says something like "I need to have new office key made, and I need it this afternoon". How is that possible? I am not an expert but I guess that any locksmith needs to have some mother hey or see the lock or whatever to make a new key. Greenleaf couldn't provide locksmith with this key (lock was new! changed by Columbo). How then the locksmith could make that key and did it so fast?
Any clues? help?

Re: Another Publish or Perish question

I just happened to see it again yesterday. I wish I could be helpful, but somehow everything about the key sub-plot manages to confuse me, including that part.

Re: Another Publish or Perish question

A locksmith can take an impression of the door lock and make a key. It happens all the time of course this was one thing - major thing that did Greenleaf in. How Columbo thought to change the lock ahead of time still baffles me though

Re: Another Publish or Perish question

He probably changed the lock to secure the crime scene.
This episode is overly complicated .
Strangely, Lt. seems to believe Greenleaf till near the very end!