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Re: End of Tenure

That's a shame, yes, but even so there's some answers here and there, it's usually the go-to-place if I have something I never saw being talked about on any other forum, and I like its longevity, I only discovered it recently, but I know it has been around for at least 17 years, saw some 2005 posts, maybe even 20!

Oh, also, who is the "boss" of this forum, ted maybe? Is he inactive atm?

Re: End of Tenure

Sorry about that, Steve! Right now I am removing spam and banning the IPs (not a perfect system, but it helps), and will try to do better in the future. Cheers.

Re: End of Tenure

Steve, I'd encourage you to stick around. I agree, it has been rather dead lately. I began following this forum some time ago, but I think it was after Carleen Zink had passed away. I wish I could have been here for her tenure - it certainly seemed like it was a lively place. That being said, I've been in many great discussions on here.

I've noticed that the website Columbophile has been very popular, involving quite a bit of banter as the author makes regular posts. Perhaps a change in format here would help? The shows are just as old on his website as they are on here, but something resonates.

Hope you give it a chance here.

Re: End of Tenure

True, I also like columbophile, he makes long and interesting reviews of the episodes, but even so I'll continue following both, more chance to find interesting topics; like you unfortunately I wasn't on this forum yet when cassavetes was around and I agree it was much more active.