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Locations Visit

Hi all, long time member of this great forum but haven't contributed much since Cass left us many years ago. I was the author of the Columbo Obituary in the Scrapbook section which I posted 23 years ago and boy does that need updating!

Anyhoo, I'm in LA early October for a concert so will be spending a day or two tracking down and taking photos of as many Columbo filming locations starting off with the movie theatre in Double Exposure (which is in Burbank where I will be landing). The concert is actually at the Hollywood Bowl so that'll be an easy location to add!

Looking forward to sharing all my pics with you guys once I get back.

My best to everyone.

Re: Locations Visit

Cool, Rob! Looking forward to the pictures and discussion.

Re: Locations Visit

Can’t wait!! I myself would like to plan a trip to see as many of the sites as possible, so looking forward to seeing your locations!