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Re: Was Milo Janus really bent?

I recall that in the same episode Louis Lacey, or however it's written, that person Stafford had asked to investigate to find out about Milo's business, said it was all legal, although Stafford had promised him more names about foreign companies, so maybe he would've found the fraud there.

Re: Was Milo Janus really bent?

Yes, Mr Lacey, I wrote the first post while I was watching the film, around the time of the murder, then I saw what Mr Lacey said later on.
I looked into the situation more, the episode was released in September 1974, I don't know when it was written or filmed, but in 1973 California reintroduced the death penalty for certain murders, including what Janus did, enter a building without permission in order to commit a crime, he was a burglar at that point, a murder committed during a burglary had mandatory death penalty with the new law, which I assume would have been big news at the time. So Janus gambled his life and lost, while he was innocent, or at least nothing illegal known up to then.

Re: Was Milo Janus really bent?/Tricon office woman

Also, in this episode, the woman in the Tricon office is usually known as Rose played by Susan Jacoby, actually Susan Jacoby plays a woman who Robert Conrad passes in his character's building and accidently calls character Rose by the name Susan.
The lady in the Tricon office is Ann Coleman.

Re: Was Milo Janus really bent?

It wasn't just overcharging his franchises. He was taking the "profit" and shoveling it into a Swiss Bank Account, off which he was going to live off in retirement.

Re: Was Milo Janus really bent?

Is there anything illegal in that? Maybe tax evasion?