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Re: Uneasy Lies The Crown, 3 (or 4) bothering questions, help please!


I have some issues with this episode, which I'd appreciate to be answered if possible...

1. on the scene of crime - Columbo (reasonable) always says not to touch anything. And then he ask some guy (I don't know - medical assistance, other policeman?): "do you have a match?", and the guys answers "yes, regards from Adam Evans, we found it in his shirt". That would be an important evidence! and the only connection between victim and murderer at the begining! why did the guy touched the body and took matches?! and what is even worse - 10 seconds later Columbo asks the same guy (!!): "you didn't touch anything here?" and he answers "no, of course not!". he??

2. in the coroner's place, Columbo finds out it was a piece of salt on Evan's mouth etc. And in one moment he looks at the picture and he says "is it what I think it is?". And then silently they agree about them having love while Evans died. That is obvious for everyone what was happening there. But what exactly Columbo saw on the picture that he aske "is it what I think it is?"?

3. On the horse racing place Columbo speaks to Corman. And he tells about car and that the gear was on Neutral. And says it was suspicious. But how is that suspicious? Corman and David already told Columbo that "ok we will tell you the true. We removed the body so it looks like accident". So then it is logical that gear was on neutral. So why Columbo mentiones it on this stage of investigation??

(4. additional question. When Columbo visits this strange poker playing group, he recognizes "stars". but with the last guy he says "Jack Nicholson". hmmm.... what???)

Thank you in advance for clarifying this :)
I will answer from memory.

1. Maybe they have to empty pockets at the scene in case there is something dangerous, or an urgent clue?

2. Was it a picture? I thought they were looking at stomach and blood anaysis results and he saw a chemical that is in something like those well known pills that people buy?

3. Maybe the writers messed up. But in context of the crime scene it would be suspicious.

4. The man was doing a Jack Nicholson impression. I think the impressionist was the only one of the poker people actors not playing themself?