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Bart Kepple Blew It Bad

The one thing that has always bothered me about Double Exposure is the fact that People never went back to the lamp and disposed of the caliber converter. Why. He was a very smart man with a PhD obviously. but yet he couldn't figure out that he had plenty of time to dispose of the evidence and never did anything about it. tlThat was plain stupid.


Re: Bart Kepple Blew It Bad

I agree, Fred. Seems pretty lazy on his part as he was always so cool, calm and collected. He thought things out very carefully - the caviar, the temperature in the auditorium, the TV monitor in East Lobby being turned off, the positioning of the cameras in the supermarket, the turning on of the tape recorder (although, I must say, I don't understand why he didn't just switch tapes or something when he'd finished his speech and then he could have taped right away from inside the auditorium) - it doesn't make sense that a guy that calculating would neglect to take out the only incriminating piece of evidence there was against him.