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Re: Most illogical and least illogical murders of blackmailers

I agree about those two.

It sounds like a joke, but if Fade Into Murder exists in the same "universe" as MASH, TV fans would be very used to people who'd do anything to get out of the Korean War, including desertion, without considering them terrible people. So I don't know if Ward doing that would bother those TV fans much more than a lot of fictional characters doing it.

Re: Most illogical and least illogical murders of blackmailers

That's a great point, Grant. I like how you said if the shows existed in the same universe, because I loved MASH, and your point about the Korean war, and those who fought in it is a good one.

Was thinking about Murder Can Be Hazardous to your health with George Hamilton's Wade Anders character feeling he needed to off Budd Clarke for his threat of exposing his past in adult movies. I'd consider this murder highly illogical. For TV celebrities, even bad publicity can be a good thing. The fact that the actress was underaged only sinks him if he had knowledge of that. If not, Budd even said he gave "quite the performance", so for a show I could only see the viewership for Crime Watch increasing.