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Make Me A Perfect Murder (Cameos)

I heard or read somewhere (not on this site) that George C. Scott has a non-speaking walk-on role in "Make Me A Perfect Murder" (with his wife Trish Van De Vere, of course). I saw it again recently and maybe I didn't look hard enough, but I definitely didn't spot him.

I have another question about that episode. I don't know the minute it's at, but there's an early scene where Kay runs into some acquaintance at the elevator, someone whose face you don't see clearly. I noticed this last time I saw it that he reminded me of the comedian Alan King, both the side of his face and the voice.
It might be more far-fetched than George C. Scott, but does anyone know if I'm right or wrong about that?

(Neither one of them seems to be listed on IMDB, even among the uncredited actors.)

Re: Make Me A Perfect Murder (Cameos)

The character was a tv studio staff at I think something like a mixing desk, played by John Furlong, a slight lookalike but not George C. Scott. I don't know about your other question.

Re: Make Me A Perfect Murder (Cameos)

Thank you.