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"Murder By The Book" Paperback Adaptation

I picked up a used copy of the paperback novelization of "Murder By The Book" which was #5 in the series of 70s Columbo paperbacks. I have to say so far it's proving to be an entertaining read. The author, Lee Hays gives us a backstory scene of Ken Franklin and Jim Ferris having their "falling out" scene which took place several days before Ken came to the office with his "peace offering". But even more fascinating was that when he writes Ken's drive back from his cabin with the body in the trunk, a scene from "Blueprint For Murder" is borrowed in that Ken has a blowout while driving with the body in the trunk, and a motorcycle copy comes by and tells him he should open up the trunk and Ken like Elliot gets rid of him by saying his spare is useless because he let the air out and the cop goes off to get a tow truck (which gives Ken time to fix the flat by himself and get rid of the truck when it comes by later).