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Is there an actor that Peter Falk really did not like?

I'm new here so sorry if I violate any rules or anything, just let me know. I am doing a research project for a class on gestures studying the character's gestures throughout the series. I wanted to compare how Falk gestures when the character Columbo doesn't like someone (such as Milo Janus) versus when Falk himself doesn't like someone. I am struggling to find anything on Falk not liking actors, and have checked through a few forums, google searches and a behind-the-scenes book. Please let me know if you have heard of anything so I can compare them for my project.

Re: Is there an actor that Peter Falk really did not like?

He probably, temporarily, didn't like Suzanne Pleshette and Eddie Albert on Dead Weight, they both said they didn't like Peter Falk during the production.

Re: Is there an actor that Peter Falk really did not like?

There was a good discussion several years ago about the "Dead Weight" episode and the tension between the actors.

Some good leads for you to follow up there.

The issue seemed to be more Peter Falk's disagreements with the producers, and I guess his co-stars in that episode got caught up in it. I seem to recall Eddie Albert calling him a Horses A$$ at some point.

I watched the episode several times in the years since I originally read that account and never saw anything out of the ordinary with how the actors portrayed their roles. Professionals, and maybe some good editing too.

Re: Is there an actor that Peter Falk really did not like?

That link won't work for me, but Peter Falk and Universal were having conflict because Peter wanted to do directing. On this film he stayed at home as much as possible and some shots were filmed with a double. Suzanne Pleshette said that Eddie Albert told Peter, "I always wanted to work with you, but you're a real a##hole". Her version anyway. She said at the time that she never wanted to speak to him again, and they had been friends for many years before that.