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Re: Richest columbo characters

Dolores in "Bird in the Hand" was the owner of an NFL franchise. Assuming she was a majority owner and not in debt, she was worth a pretty penny. It's possible the writers had Georgia Frontiere the owner of the LA Rams at the time in mind when they came up with her character, although they obviously wouldn't admit it. Anyway, an NFL team in LA at the time would have probably been worth several hundred million dollars. Today, teams are routinely worth over a billion.

Of course, that also leads us to Eric Wagner in "Most Crucial Game." Not only did he own the Los Angeles football team, but he had enough cash lying around for his manager to be looking around to buy other sports franchises. But that was in the 1970s, when football teams were barely worth $100 million. :relaxed:

Re: Richest columbo characters

Ohh, not bad at all, they're 2 characters I wouldn't have imagined would've been so rich, especially Dolores!

Re: Richest columbo characters

In a funny way, Paul Hanlon and Eric Wagner are like Adrian and Ric Carsini. Eric definitely knows how to enjoy the money (whether or not a person approves of some of the ways he enjoys it). But he evidently isn't using it up, so he can afford to try to resist that hockey team idea.

Re: Richest columbo characters

Oh, I forgot about Bo Williamson in blueprint for murder! He has several millions too, since the architect wants to build williamson city with his money.

And when Bo talks about what would happen in case he died, he said his wife would get the necessary to live but there wouldn't be the billions to build cities, and that his money would be managed by a bank.