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"Christmas with Columbo" (poem), Part 1

Greetings, Columbo fans! As long-time visitors know, it is the site's tradition to re-post this poem each year at this time, a bit of doggerel that I wrote for Peter Falk and sent to him back in 2000. As always, we truly appreciate all of your contributions here in the Forum. Columbo fans are the best!

“Christmas with Columbo”

By Ted Kerin

(Part 1)

’Twas the night before Christmas, and all through L.A.
Not a killer was creeping -- not even O.J.

I was just out of prison, and living alone
In a lousy apartment, with no TV or phone.

I had just settled down for some chili and beer,
Thinking Christmas was gonna be crummy this year.

When all of a sudden, from over the roof,
I heard a big bang, and a shout and a woof.

I ran to the door, and looked out through the snow,
To see if an airplane was flying too low.

When, what should appear to my wondering eye,
But a rusty Peugeot -- sailing down from the sky!

With a little old driver, so shabby and slow,
I thought for a moment, it's a flying hobo!

The Peugeot poured smoke from its hood and its tires.
It looked like the engine would burst into fires.

Then I looked a bit closer, and heard a weird sound –
Like the baying and barking of eight basset hounds.

And that's when I saw that the Peugeot was towed
By eight basset hounds, dropping poop in the snow.

The man and his dogs were enjoying the game,
And he chuckled and laughed as he yelled all their names:

"On, Dog!…and Dog!…and Dog!…and, Dog!
And Dog!…and Dog!…and Dog!…and Dog!"

The Peugeot's exhaust shot a flame and a flash,
Then the heap and its load hit my lawn, with a crash.

The driver crawled out, like a bear from a cave,
And he held up his hand, and he gave me a wave.

His droll little face was unwashed and unshaved --
He looked like an elf who was slightly depraved.

He wore an old raincoat, all greasy and smelly,
That hung like a rag, down his back and his belly.

His collar was frayed, his necktie was torn,
His suit was all baggy and wrinkled and worn.

A five o'clock shadow was wreathed 'round his face.
His shoes were a terrible, awful disgrace.

As I stared at this bum, from bottom to top,
I thought, "One thing's certain, he can't be a cop."

But he took out a badge and he showed it to me.
"I'm Lieutenant Columbo, L.A.P.D."

He muttered and mumbled, and scratched at his head,
Like a terrier searching for fleas in his bed.

He stared at my feet, which made me confused,
’Til he blurted out "What did you pay for your shoes?"

I was too stunned to answer, I didn't reply.
Then he looked at me funny, with one glassy eye.

He spoke not a word, but walked straight through my door,
Trailing ashes and eggshells and crud on my floor.

"I hope you don't mind, I know I'm a pest ,"
He said, as he gestured and scratched at his chest.

"I'm terribly sorry to bother this way,
I need something to eat, I've had such a long day."

He spotted the chili, right there on my table,
And went for it, fast as his bow-legs were able.

He sniffed, as he stuck his nose down in my chili.
He looked like his dog, and I laughed myself silly.

"Say, this is terrific!" he said with a grin,
Then he opened his mouth and he shoveled it in.

"Have you got some ketchup and crackers?" he asked.
I gave him some, then he returned to his task.

Then, laying a finger aside of his ear,
He let out a belch, and he drank all my beer.

"Do you mind if I smoke?" he said with delight,
And before I could answer, he said, "Got a light?"

I gave him a match, and he lit a cigar.
It smelled like a sock that was dipped in old tar.

He huffed and he puffed, and he billowed with smoke.
I started to cough, then I started to choke.

His face filled with bliss, and he started to roam.
He said, "My wife won't let me smoke these at home."

Then he went for the door, and he said "Thank you, sir.”
"You've been very kind, I'm a big fan of yours."

He started to leave, and he started to sing,
Then turning his head, he said "Just one more thing!

"To bring you this gift, I have come from afar!"
And he pressed in my hand, a smelly cigar.

The cigar was all moldy and stinky and dry,
But I thanked him, and waved him a shaky good-bye.

And then he was gone, in a smoky white fog,
With a bang from his car and a bark from his dogs.

I saw nothing more than the trail of his smoke,
But I heard a hoarse voice, singing out with a croak:

"This old man, he played two…
Merry Christmas day to you…
Knick-knack, paddy-wack, fa-la-la-la-la…
Peace to all, both near and far…"

Re: "Christmas with Columbo" (poem), Part 1

And there it is!!!! I love reading this every year doesn't get old.

Happiest of holidays to you Ted

Re: "Christmas with Columbo" (poem), Part 1

Thanks, Fred!