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Re: Subjects when taken into custody

Although it wasn’t Columbo throwing the cuffs on the guy and the lady at the end, it was two uniformed LAPD cops that did. It was a great episode about a New York City connected mob guy, that came up missing, whom was the X husband of an actress that eventually became involved with a new wave rock club and the investment money came from the mob connected guy. Columbo began the investigation with the apparent suicide of the tabloid photographer reporter who was thrown out of his office window by the rock clubs owner, etc. Columbo eventually discovered the body of the missing NYC mob guy buried below the Koi aquarium in the dance floor of the club. Lots of great scenes in that episode IMO!!

But handcuffs at the end, no-“there’s no need for those”.

Re: Subjects when taken into custody

The episode was a Special: "Columbo Like the Nightlife" (2003).