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Re: Columbo Likes The Nightlife should've never been written

I'm surprised about the handcuffs both here and in it's all in the game, like cassavetes said, because lauren killed a man who was molesting her daughter and columbo was aware of that, so indeed, very strange that she was one of the rare murderers that get handcuffed.

And as for the nightlife, I also feel like handcuffs and being so disliked by columbo was excessive for the 2 suspects, cause vanessa accidentally killed tony galper, could've been classed as manslaughter, then because lynwood filmed the situation, both her and justin became blackmail targets; yes, the murder on lynwood was particularly violent, but he also really asked for it, one of the most despicable victims, and vanessa didn't even want to go for it, she asked justin if, once they paid lynwood, they'd have got the photos back.

So in general I don't really think either of the 2 is a terrible murderer like franklin for example, which is why the handcuffs surprised me.

Re: Columbo Likes The Nightlife should've never been written

I think it was good music, not an interesting murder character....

But I'm happy you all enjoyed it :)