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Re: Richest columbo characters

Oh, I forgot about Bo Williamson in blueprint for murder! He has several millions too, since the architect wants to build williamson city with his money.

And when Bo talks about what would happen in case he died, he said his wife would get the necessary to live but there wouldn't be the billions to build cities, and that his money would be managed by a bank.

Re: Richest columbo characters

ALso we can probably say who was the poorest: Roger White :)
He had two jobs just to survive and was responsible for his sick mother

Re: Richest columbo characters

There's the studio owner in Requiem for a Falling Star. He easily forgave Nora for causing him a loss of several million.

And of course there's always Columbo's uncle who got into real estate and now sends out embossed Christmas cards.

Re: Richest columbo characters

Ohh, you're right, at least in the italian version he appears to not mind a loss of 2 million dollars on the subject, I actually kinda remembered that scene, with columbo, the studio owner, nora and jerry parks.