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Murder by the book, list question

Hi all,

Ken Franklin sets his alibi with a note of "potential murderers". Where this list came from? Did he made it by himself? Where did Franklin knew that names from? Are they real? What do you think about it?

Re: Murder by the book, list question

All he did was plant a list of Mafia names to make it look like Jim was researching a big expose on the Mafia and this was the one thing they missed when they trashed the office (he made a point of getting Jim's fingerprints on it beforehand). It had nothing to do with his alibi per se but to provide a fake clue implicating the Mafia for wanting to take out Jim (who was never doing any research on the Mafia to begin with).

Re: Murder by the book, list question

hi, thanks for reply. Yes... that makes sense. But now I have a new idea, if it is like this, then it would be quite easy just to ask Jim's wife if he was going to write about mafia. She probably would have known :)