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General observation, murder/alibi plan

And again... I watch all the episodes from first to last :) and I have observation which I actually had before, and as I remember, it was also mentioned on this forum couple of times. But it suprises me how many times (maybe I am wrong in my conclusions) we se the murderer preparing for murder, before the reason for murder is revealed for murderer. Couple of examples:

- Lady in waiting: she takes her brother key before she knows next day that he sent letter to Peter Hamilton. Also ordering brand new car long ago means the same
- Short fuse: we see Roger preparing a bomb before he knows that he will be blackmailed with embarrassing facts from his past
- Candidate for Crime: maybe this is not the best example, but also he prepared all the alibi, before Harry Stone told him to finish his relationship with Linda
- Double Exposure: same as above. It looks like alibi was prepared before he was blackmailed
- By Dawn's Early Light: we see col. Rumford preparing crime scene before critical conversation with William Haynes
- Playback: again everything is prepared before blackmail
- Forgotten Lady: she takes additional pill before she knows that her plans will not be financed by her husband
- Now You See Him: weapon and rest things are prepared before blackmail
- The Bye Bye Sky...: crime scene prepared before threat from Bertie
- Murder under Glass: poison prepared before dinner at Victorios
- Grand Deceptions: alibi prepared before talking with Keagan

Maybe some of them can be explained somehow. Or of course we can say that murderer could have easily predict that blackmail or whatever will happen so he prepares a plan. But that is not 100% sure. So quite risky.
Also there are couple of examples of creating plan/alibi very fast. I think the best example is Agenda for Murder, where Finch prepares the whole plan between a telephone call and murder - so probably around one hour?? Quite unbelievable (good episode though)
What do you think about all of it? :)

Re: General observation, murder/alibi plan

Yes, they all seem like good examples.

I guess each one just wanted to be prepared.

Re: General observation, murder/alibi plan

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Re: General observation, murder/alibi plan

I always assumed they must have had similar conversations prior to planning the murder, but the conversation we see on screen is the final confirmation that they need to proceed with their plan, as though the murderers are giving their future victims one last chance.