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Eve Babcock

Everytime I watch this episode I have the same thinking and still I am not sure... Can you explain me exactly this case? We know that:

- Walter Cunnell hired Dobbs to plant bugs in Hanlon's office
- Dobbs hired Eve to plant bugs in Hanlon's office.
- Hanlon fired Eve after 3 days

My theory from now is: Hanlon saw Eve is planting bugs in his office so he fired her, paid her more for planting bugs in Wagner's house so he could use that records as his alibi. And for Hanlon she was working under the name Rakoji (by the way, as I know there was quite famous hungarian man with this name). Am I right with the story or did I miss something again? But if it is right then why nobody (especially Cunnell) is not surprised that bugs were also in Wagner's house? That tells me that I am not right again...
Can you help guys?

Re: Eve Babcock

Okay, Babcock (Rakoji) was hired to plant bugs in the office AND the house. Hanlon caught her and probably paid her off or she didn't know he caught her. The important point is that HANLON KNEW that the phones were bugged. So he used it as an alibi.

Since Babcock was a "working girl" she wasn't going to work for Hanlon for more than a few days anyway.