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Re: Scary Victims

I left out Allen Mallory in Publish Or Perish. I'd think twice about trying to murder a Mickey Spillane character, or even sending a scary John Chandler character to do it.

And of course, Chandler is another one. So that's two in one episode.

Re: Scary Victims

I always thought that Forrest Tucker (Beau Williamson) was this big, huge, tough guy. But he folded like a tent when the pencil-pushing Elliot Markham pointed a pistol at him. Why walk into the shed? Aren't your chances better out in the open?

I know the question was about murder victims, but I thought that I'd mention that Columbo took a chance telling the nasty Mrs. Goodland about Ken Nichols willing to accept money to leave her. That actor who played Nichols was a big guy and he always played some type of goon on other shows. He could have knocked Columbo into the Pacific, lol. Also, Columbo was kind of betraying Gloria West who was already a nervous wreck. Not his best moment.

Re: Scary Victims

That scene has always bothered me too. You don't have to approve of an arrangement like Cathy and Ken's to stay out of it.