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Just some thoughts about Candidate for Crime

- Columbo's supervisor is the same guy who was one of a wine connoisseur just one episode before in Any Old Port In A Storm :) I didn't notice that for a long time...
- the women on Hayward's party is the seamstress from Swan Song! new discovery for me!
- on the crime scene somebody says that medical examiner can confirm the time of death. Could he? with such a time difference?
- why Hayward is telling Linda to get his intinerary from the office? Why does he do it in front of his wife?? Linda was his wife's secretary after all (and all happens just after Hayward tells his wife "what was her name? Linda?"). Wasn't it suspisious for anyone?
- I am a quiet fan of the lady that is putting something on the shelves while Columbo is observing a jacket delivery for Hayward in his office :P
- when Columbo shows the situation with the cars (with cars models) on the board, in the first shot the model of car (yellow one) is turned 180 degrees, and on next shot it is correctly
- they are wondering about car lights etc. Why nobody came to the simplest explanation: Harry Stone left the car, turned on the light, the killer shot him, and then the killer turned the light off?
- Columbo has left the car models in the office :(
- question: how would you translate/describe the expression "his own man"? does it mean something like "a man with his own rules" or something like that?
- I think this is my favourite Vito Scotti appearance in Columbo (bowling league's dinner dance. Annual thing, 17.50 a couple :D:D:D). All the scene is great! The third guy is also very funny
- Hayward asks Columbo if he examined the jacket and say something about sleeves, cigarette burns etc. But I guess that jacket is still somewhere as evidence? Columbo could check and catch him lying

Re: Just some thoughts about Candidate for Crime

The expression: "His Own Man" is a campaign slogan to tell the public that Heyward makes his own decisions and takes orders from noone: no union bosses, corporations, special interests, etc. It's complete nonsense, but that's what he's trying to convey. In reality Harry made every decision for Heyward.

I think Heyward telling Linda to go to his office is to show what a serial cheater he was.

I like how you notice the different actors playing different roles. I'm going to have to rewatch the episode now looking for the seamstress, etc.

Re: Just some thoughts about Candidate for Crime

the most funny returning guy is the one from travel agency in "The most crucial game". He is also a trave agency guy in "Lovely but Lethal"

Re: Just some thoughts about Candidate for Crime

and by the way - the same guy appears in Double Exposure as a police man

Re: Just some thoughts about Candidate for Crime

Hi, Matti (and all).

About the defects of the jacket, need not necessarily be a lie.