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"Poker Face" on Peacock: Female Columbo???

The publicity for this new show on Peacock TV (starts tomorrow, Jan 26) seems to be leaning hard into the angle that the show, and the lead character, are supposed to be reminiscent of Columbo.

We'll see, I guess. The concept is a "how-catch-em," showing the viewers who did he murder right up front, so we gotta give 'em that much as a similarity. Beyond that, in the trailer, the star Natasha Lyonne talks in a Columbo-like hoarse voice, and has a Falk-like shambling walk. (One gimmick NOT like Columbo is that apparently she also has supernatural "human lie detector" powers, beyond mere detective skills, so....OK.)

Anyway, the thing I definitely get a kick out of, that I wanted to share with you all, is that the FONT of the show is an exact copy of the Columbo/NBC Mystery Movie credits font. Now that is a slick and sly reference!

It's from the writer/director of the "Knives Out" movies, by the way, if anyone is interested. (Arguably, Benoit Blanc has some Columbo influences, too.) Peacock has a special $30/year price right now, so I'll give it a try.

Re: "Poker Face" on Peacock: Female Columbo???

I saw the first episode today and it was pretty good. The opening credits are done 70's style. this show is a lot more violent than Columbo, but it did have that aspect of the show where we know who the killer is before the detective does.

I'm going to watch a few more episodes before I give it my full "Columbo Fanatic" recommendation.

Re: "Poker Face" on Peacock: Female Columbo???

No interest. Just about every current crime show has female law enforcement lead characters - police chiefs, sheriffs, detectives, DAs, prosecutors, judges. Call me names if you want, I don't care. I only want to see men in most of these roles. That's why I stick to the 1970s shows.They are much better anyway.

Re: "Poker Face" on Peacock: Female Columbo???

Columbofan, I respect your opinions as always, and of course there will never be another "Columbo" -- there is just one. But about this new show, in its own right, I will say that me and the wife (that's Mrs Kerin) are enjoying it so far (first 2 episodes) and we look forward to more. It seems to be blowing up in the media as a critical success, and never without the comparison (for what it's worth) to "Columbo," so there is also the possibility that it may spark some curiosity on the part of new viewers to check out the real thing, so that is something else good that may come from it.

Re: "Poker Face" on Peacock: Female Columbo???

Ted Kerin, do you have an email address that I could reach you at? I'm writing for the Columbophile Blog site and have a question or 3 for you about Jeff Cava.
Thank you!

Re: "Poker Face" on Peacock: Female Columbo???

She is not law enforcement, and in no way is this show 'WOKE', so give it a try.

She doesn't have the enjoyable mannerisms of Columbo, but it's entertaining to watch the "howcatchem" format again, for sure.

The show is unique in that right after the murder is shown, it flashes back to BEFORE the murder, and shows how the main character CHARLIE is connected to the victim.

Not being a detective, I immediately thought "OH NO, here's another MURDER SHE WROTE female who encounters death every single week of her life", LOL. OK so there's that. But at least she's "on the move", so it's not like there's a murder every week in sleepy Cabot Cove, MAINE!

Re: "Poker Face" on Peacock: Female Columbo???

I just watched the first episode and all I could think about is how similar the format is to Columbo.

At one point, at 46 mins in, when she goes to the bar, the “This Old Man” tune is playing on the slot machines. Cant be a coincidence surely?

I really enjoyed it. I hope the rest of the series keeps the same formula.

Im going to watch episode 2 tomorrow.

Re: "Poker Face" on Peacock: Female Columbo???

Welshdragon I just watched Episode 1 and I missed the "This old man"; I will have to rewatch. I was watching closely for Columbo mannerisms and she doesn't seem to emulate many, but I'm enjoying the show, just from the COLUMBO credits font, and "howcatchem" format!