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Re: Identity Crisis, 2 questions

Matti, I think the first question was: "What do you do with the ones you don't sell", and the next question was: "Do you keep copies of the ones you DO sell". I least I thought it was something like that. She says they don't keep copies but they still have negatives. My memory could be off.

As far as another ad agency recognizing Nelson Brenner, I thought he was supposed to be a giant in the advertising industry and that any ad agency would know him. Did I miss something? The ad agency wouldn't know his victim, but because his cover was different. But Brenner's cover was as an ad exec.

I'm going to have to rewatch it tonight.

Re: Identity Crisis, 2 questions

I just got to the part where Columbo asks: "What about the ones you DON'T sell?" and you're absolutely right. He meant to say "DO sell" and I guess he flubbed it and the director thought: "Nobody will ever notice it. I'll just leave it in". Well, here we are half a century later and you noticed it. Nice work.

Re: Identity Crisis, 2 questions

Btw, I always watched columbo in italian and I'm pretty sure this mistake isn't present there, once he asks about those they didn't sell and then asks about those they sold.