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Re: Rudeness

NHi, I wouldn't take it too personally. As far as I know, there is no Facebook group, at least connected to this site. And people come and go all of the time. I'm just glad that the site creator keeps it up and running. It's a good place to go with Columbo questions and to meet other fans.

Re: Rudeness

True, and if you take a look around, you will see there's other questions about columbo some people made and didn't get an answer, main reason is the amount of people around on the site is lower than when it was newer, it's been around for around 2 decades!

If there's now 20 readers and 100 back then there was more chance to get answers to not-common-knowledge questions.

As for who runs the site, ted at least is a moderator, not sure if he's the owner.

Re: Rudeness

I'm afraid I haven't answered any that I'm sure of, but I hope you keep on commenting.