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Whose reactions would you like to see?


I was thinking about that many times but never started a topic on forum.
So my question is - whose reactions would you like to see after murderer is caught by Columbo?
Mine types are:

- Burt Gordon's (William Windom) reaction in Prescription: Murder
- Doris Buckner's reactiion in Short Fuse
- Goldie's in Blueprint for Murder, she would probably hug Columbo
- Lizzy Fielding from Etude, she would give him some hard time
- Shirley Wagner's so she would know that her husband was cheating
- Dr. Heideman to see his disappointment
- Jessica Conroy's. That's one of biggest desire. To see how wrong she was being with Milo. She seems to be really good person
- Danziger's wife. She said "if he ever does, God help him". So I wonder what would she do
- Santini's daughter - because not many killers have children, if ever
- Jordan Rowe's reaction, he had such a high expectations with his son
- Fielding Chase's daughter
- Uncle Leon's wife
- Clifford Calvert's. Probably he would just make some joke and laugh

Do you have any other types or did you think about possible reactions of others? I'd like to hear about that :)

Re: Whose reactions would you like to see?

Along with Dr. Heideman, there's also Marsha in A Stitch In Crime. In their one scene together, she really seems crazy about Dr. Mayfield.

Nearly the most obvious one for me is Linda in The Most Dangerous Match. You see her in the background when Columbo first confronts Emmet in that crowd, but nothing more dramatic from then on.

Re: Whose reactions would you like to see?

Mr. Rowe (Justin's Dad) tops the list for me. I'd also like to see "the folks back in New York", in the Nightlife episode. Justin would have been taken care of faster than Lee Harvey Oswald was. I'd like to see Jessica Conroy's reaction if she were still wearing the bikini, lol. In "Old Fashioned Murder" I'd like to see Janie's reaction if she were intellectually capable of understanding what happened. I could see her ten years later, flicking a cigarette ash into a priceless heirloom when it finally dawns on her. Also Vincent Price would be interesting. With Vivica out of the way he could dominate the industry.

Re: Whose reactions would you like to see?

Interesting topic indeed, I agree rowe's father would be very interesting, agree about clifford making some joke, as for santini's daughter you can imagine sadness being the main reaction, judging by montoya's daughter's reaction, and fielding's daughter was already disappointed by her "father", imagine after finding out he murdered jerry, probably incredulous!