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Re: Some comments/questions about Fade in to Murder

I wanted to clarify my paraphrasing above when Columbo is amazed that Ward read his mind:

Columbo: What do you think, Mr. Fowler? Could you help me with this?
Ward: I think I'd better try and help you. Because you're going to ask me to, aren't you?
Columbo: Oh Boy, you did it again Sir, you read my mind, would you? Imagine the great Lt. Lucerne, etc.

Fowler didn't read Columbo's mind, Columbo asked him for help. If anybody else had a different interpretation of that and the "Expert Marksman" theory, I'd love to hear your thoughts. An expert marksman has to hit a moving target. Proving....what exactly?

Re: Some comments/questions about Fade in to Murder

One for me would be Doris Buckner. Not because she "bent over backwards to spoil Rodger" and this is where it got her, but just for general reasons.

I've mentioned it before, but one clever things about Lady In Waiting is how Mrs. Chadwick and Peter Hamilton both end up disillusioned about Beth. Even though Columbo already spells things out to Peter before he confronts Beth, it would be interesting to see their reactions.

Re: Some comments/questions about Fade in to Murder

I'm sorry, I put that in the wrong thread. It was meant for the "Reactions" thread, of course.