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Try And Catch Me

I like the episode. Good atmosphere, very nice music score, good last clue. Some comments:
- First and foremost, this scene always make me think hard: when Edmund comes to Abigail's place, she asks him to go to the safe. In one moment you have strong impression that she wants to close the safe, she prepares to make a short speech, and then she is distracted by the attorney, and resigns. But that is before will and papers are signed. That would make no sense then to make a murder. What was she thinking? and it is before the whole action of his leaving. So I guess she was just preparing herself... still strange. I've seen this scene so many times and always makes me confused
- if I were Edmund I would be at least suspicius after hearing that she made a will for me by herself. That she becomes his heir. Especially after that creepy walk on the beach where she said "I know everytjing you did" and gave him this cold look. We never know if he is guilty or not, but he should be careful with her
- another bothering scene (just a detail): she sees Edmund's keys. And goes towards them and take them when attorney was very close and looking at her. Couldn't she have wait 5 or 10 seconds until he turnes back? always annoying :) And don't get me started with weirdest choice ever of place to hide them
- Again the same story: murderer closes the victim in airtight place, then fly to New York. We know that from somewhere, don't we? and again I think there was enough oxygene to breath for the whole day/night
- another language question. Columbo says about his wife being a fan. Then Abigail says she puts herself in his position. Columbo says "I told Mrs Columbo - she DON'T think like a murderer". Why does he use "don't" instead of "doesn't"? is it acceptable? is it some kind of unofficially accepted way of talking? I mean, if I say "he don't do that" - would it be treated as a mistake or not?
- I don't buy the whole alarm plot. I guess Columbo doesn't buy it as well. She makes a story that she forgot to turn on the alarm so she called her maid to do it. Ok, fine. But why does she wait so long to tell it to Columbo? He asks her about it just in front of safe. THEN she should have told this story "ahh, it was easy Lieutenant, I forgot to turn it on and then called my maid to do it". Then it would be clear. But she says she doesn't know how it was possible and then later on she
makes up this story about maid. If she was innocent, she would never do a thing like this. But again, when I see Columbo's face during this story I feel relief that he doesn't buy it at all :)
- Love the scene: "the French style. The French started that. Oh, made in Italy, well, what's the difference?" :D
- funny thing that Columbo says they make a plaster cast of this shoe. He was told by Sgt. Willson long time ago that it is not a proper method anymore because size changes. Seems like Columbo didn't take it seriously
- there is a lot of "one more thing" in this episode. Abigail says it couple of times but even her maid does it after talking about sand
- when they are in Edmund's apartment Columbo says "would you kindly observe me in this other room?". And they go. Normally when Columbo says something like that it means something important. But in this case I don't see any reason for saying that. And by the way I like the scene, Columbo is doing some gestures with his hand, and Abigail does the same after him even if she doesn't know what she is doing :)
- Columbo's observation about Edmund's apartment is not that great I think. He focuses on fact that there were no pictures of the wife. I think after her death he could have hidden them, because they could be painful for him, or he was just a type who didn't have a need to have pictures of themselfs. I, for instance, don't have pictures with my girlfriend on my appartment, and that certainly doesn't mean that we are a poor couple
- I really like when Columbo show his balls so to speak. It is not a problem for him to tell the attorney that he's gonna permit Abigail to go on her cruise. And the same he says to Abigail herself before. Also when he says "don't count on it miss Mitchell, don't count on it" on the pier. I like those scenes
- seems like Columbo likes belly dance :D he enjoys here and in Identity Crisis
- the last scene in my opinion is a little too long. I mean interpretig the boxes. While Abigail's comments are funny "victory, or Annie, or Veronica, or he wanted to call attention to his new shoes, Edmund questioning the meaning of life",the scene is a little long, the same impression I have in the ending of Exercise in Fatality. I like both endings a lot, but Columbo explaining what happend takes too much time

Re: Try And Catch Me

"Don't" in place of "doesn't" isn't considered good grammar, but I think he was just being extra casual.

I never thought about Edmund having a lot of time to survive in that safe - maybe too much - but that's true.