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Who was more Sinister?

Here's a fun little poll game that we can try. I will list several murderers, one versus the other and give me your opinion on who is more sinister. In a little while I will give you my answers.

1. Dr. Fleming OR Dr. Mayfield

2. Ward Fowler OR Fielding Chase ( aka Mustache Man)

3. Ken Franklin OR Riley Greenleaf

4. Col. Rumford OR Col. Braille

5. Nelson Hayward OR Oscar Finch

6. Wade Anders OR Kay Freestone

7. Alex Benedict OR Findlay Crawford

8. Justin Price OR Graham McVey

9. Bart Kepple OR Van Wyck

10. The Great Santini OR Elliott Blake

11. Abagail Mitchell OR Ruth Litton

12. Senior Montoya OR Dr. Mason

Have fun!!!!

Re: Who was more Sinister?

What a great idea!! I'll definitely play...

#1: Two of my favorite episodes. Gene Barry and Leonard Nimoy are both terrific. I'l go with Dr. Mayfield here, as he (a) plots to kill Dr. Hidemann (his own colleague), (b) kills Sharon Martin, the nurse who is going to report him, (c) kills Harry Alexander, former boyfriend of the nurse, (d) uses Martin's roommate Marcia to try and throw Columbo off the track, (e) calls in fellow doctors to assist him with his operation on Dr. Hidemann, fooling them right in front of their eyes and (f) even uses Columbo as a foil (temporarily) by planting the only piece of incriminating evidence in the case in Columbo's scrub pocket. This guy takes the cake in my book as the most sinister of all Columbo criminals. He Is a rampant sociopath. He uses everyone around him, everyone he meets, everyone whose lives he touches.

Re: Who was more Sinister?

1. Dr. Mayfield
2. Fielding Chase
3. Ken Franklin
4. Col. Braille
5. Nelson Hayward
6. Wade Anders
7. Findlay Crawford
8. Graham McVey
9. Van Wyck
10. Elliott Blake
11. Ruth Lytton
12. Senior Montoya.

Re: Who was more Sinister?

For the same reasons as John, I would definitely say Dr. Mayfield.

Re: Who was more Sinister?

And for the same reason, Ruth over Abigail. since Ruth drags another person into her murder, frames him and kills him, then frames Janie.

Of course, at least her murders are a hundred times QUICKER, so there's that.

Re: Who was more Sinister?

#2 I'm leaning toward Fielding Chase. Ward Fowler, while he plans the murder of Claire and attends to many details (the drunken baseball set up with Mark, Sid's sweater string on the gun) still seems to be bumbling along, enjoying what amounts to an amusing game to him. Chase, meanwhile, is so deadly serious about everything. Fowler embraces the relationship with Columbo, Chase resents and is angered at all turns by our rumpled detective. The obsessive control he seeks to have over everyone and everything - most especially his own step-daughter - is what does it for me.

Re: Who was more Sinister?

This isn't about murder, but you kind of have to wonder if Mark went completely off the wagon due to that drink that Ward gave him. I know it wasn't all alcohol, but it still might've happened. So that would be another thing.

Re: Who was more Sinister?

Good point. Hadn't considered that.

Re: Who was more Sinister?

#3 I'll take Ken Franklin over Greenleaf. The opening scene with Franklin pointing an unloaded gun at Ferris, foreshadowing the terror he will later inflict; toying with the emotions of Joanna Ferris by making and receiving the phone call ("I'm sure it's nothing but a practical joke."); the 'toasting' of the dead Jim on his couch...all those things (and a few more) point to a guy who enjoys this way too much.

Re: Who was more Sinister?

I'd have to go with McVay over Justin Price, despite the horrible acting of George Wendt. McVay's - as portrayed by Wendt (so maybe he does deserve some praise) - comes off as completely cold. He kills his own brother and shoots him in the back of the head to do it. Price has to cover up one death and strangle another. He's visibly shook by what he had to go through to kill Linwood. He plays it coolly (and is portrayed by a MUCH better actor than Wendt) but McVay is a cold, cold fish in the planning and execution.