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New Columbo-like series, Elsbeth on CBS (USA) / Paramount streaming

Check it out, Columbo fans! Pilot aired on Leap Day, 2024 and is available On-Demand from CBS. Airing weekly on Thursday nights on CBS and Paramount+, 10pm ET. There is some confusion as to Episode 2 airing on March 7 or April 4th.

I'm always game for a Columbo tribute episode. Unlike some others, I welcome and don't get offended at the trademark intrusion. I enjoyed the Pilot episode. It's nowhere near as good as Columbo, but I love inverted detective stories, and I also enjoyed Poker Face. I never watched Monk.

So here is my take:

Diaphragm clue: Good clue, would have been too risqué for Columbo! Though he did dabble with women's underwear in Murder in Malibu.

Teeth Whitener on Suicide Victim: Another good clue and a reminder of Columbo Likes the Nightlife, where the suicide victim had mouthwash-breath and freshly cut toenails

Smart phone timer: Akin to our killer Kay in Make me a Perfect Murder, who used a low-tech audio signal. Also reminds me of Columbo using a stopwatch in Double Shock.

Meds swap: Kind of rushed at 1 hour, without enough time to really describe what was swapped for what.

Single space / double space: Great clue. And I like how it flip-flopped off the TA when he revealed that his syllabus was cut & pasted from Alex's notes!

Catching the murderer planting or removing evidence: Throwback to Columbo Death Lends a Hand contact lens, A Friend in Deed evidence planting, and Columbo Goes to College gun plant. Also catching Johnny Cash removing the parachute in Swan Song.

Re: New Columbo-like series, Elsbeth on CBS (USA) / Paramount streaming

We like it. Had no clue what it was going to be like, she's silly and quirky but extremely intelligent. First thing my wife said when it was over is "It's like Columbo" we get to see the murder/crime happen, who did it etc... just like Columbo, then we watch her bug the **** out of her suspect, just like Columbo...