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Universal shot down my Columbo short story book

My very first spec script was written for Columbo; I have fond memories of sitting by my mother's knee, as a child, watching every episode.

It took me four years but I finally found a way to have Peter Falk read it thanks to some great people that helped me along the way. Universal purchased the script at Peter's behest...happiest day of my life...but it was never produced. My second Columbo script won a movie of the week award, but was not purchased.

While being interviewed about the experience recently by a wonderful author, David Koenig (Shooting Columbo), the ol' Columbo juices started flowing again, and I was hoping to write a book of short stories, such as The Columbo Collection by William Link. Like everyone else, I long for new Columbo stories.

So I wrote a proof of concept and hired an entertainment lawyer to negotiate with Universal. Unfortunately, it was immediately shot down. Oh well, they hold the copyright and I guess a short story book wasn't in their plans...or my writing wasn't LOL.

If anyone wants to read it, remember it is fan-fiction, not officially sanctioned, you can find it here.

if you do read it, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing something for Columbo 30 years after my first script.

Re: Universal shot down my Columbo short story book

Frank (Douglas) - this was WONDERFUL! Really enjoyed the read. Snappy dialogue, intriguing plot - I could picture Peter Falk walking around the scenes delivering the telling blows to the criminal's story. This would have been a great episode (if directed properly). Definitely has the 70's feel in terms of the title and the characterization, but a modern 90's-2000's feel to it with the use of modern technology (phone apps), something for which Columbo was known. Makes me long for a new Columbo episode. I'm still hopeful for this happening one day.


Re: Universal shot down my Columbo short story book

Hi. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read it. I'm so happy you liked it, and I truly appreciate your kind words. I have about 10 other stories that I wanted to write, in that book of short stories I wanted to publish. Maybe someone, someday will read my current one and have some pull at Universal and get them to change their minds. I would think keeping Columbo in the public eye could only benefit them. Unless they are planning something we don't know ... ;-)

Re: Universal shot down my Columbo short story book

I read it as well and liked it too, would've been nice if it made it to a typical columbo movie, I can see columbo's typical habits come up in the dialogue!

Re: Universal shot down my Columbo short story book

I also enjo*** the story. Are there any more on the website? There was a fan fiction site a few years ago that was really good also. I think somebody archived it. If so, can they please share the link?

Re: Universal shot down my Columbo short story book


So glad you enjo*** it. Unfortunately, once I was shot down by Universal, I stopped writing the rest.

I just read David Koenig's book, 'Unshot Columbo', it summarizes all the Columbo movies that DIDN'T get made (yes, including mine), and there were some fabulous story ideas and 'gotcha' clues. I truly enjo*** the book. I reached out to him after reading his 'Shooting Columbo' book, which details the behind the scenes of each episode. I use it as reference when I watch them every Saturday night on Cozi TV. LOL