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Negative Reaction comments

Hello guys,

I've been commenting each episode couple of times on this forum, maybe you even read it :P
But still - each time I watch episode, I see things that I never saw before or just have new comments, so here they are about Negative Reaction:

- I am still curious about this divine Revere tea set :) how does it look like?
- I don't know how to call that in english but the combination of knots on the line that he ties his wife with, is quite impressive, especially that he made it so fast!
- Galesko holds the gun (in both shootings) and shoots with his left hand, while it is quite obvious later on, that he is right handed. That's strange
- always feel very sorry for Alvin (althought he was not 100% fair, for example with buying the camera)
- Galesko was extremely lucky that Ms Moyland was at that place to hear his telephone conversation
- how did Galesko enter the motel room without any problems? did he have a key? nobody noticed him?
- not Columbo related question: Galesko's car plate number is 378 OLZ. Do American plate numbers mean anything? I mean, can you say after reading a number where the car is from? which state or city?
- Sgt Hoffman gives Columbo a letter, and they both don't care about fingerprints on it, also strange
- at the police station sgt Hoffman asks for coffee, it is brought to him quite fast :D
- the camera selling guy is the same actor that was in Forgotten Lady and A Case of Immunity as a police doctor
- I think Columbo didn't do anything about his seat belts in the ***ure :D
- always, the ending is not satisfying to me, after such a good episode, the ending ruins it all. They were both seeing Ms Galesko photograph before, so Mr Galesko should have said "common, we both saw it, it is reversed!", or at least he could have said "ok, let's go to that ranch and see if it is true" or anything like that. Ha had so many ways to avoid being convicted, and he never used it, that bothers me every time I watch this episode. Plus while you watch him during the whole scene, you see that he doesn't pay any attention to cameras, and all of the sudden he picks up the proper camera, also a little far-fetched

But it still remains as my favourite Columbo episode :)

Re: Negative Reaction comments

Yes, for an ex-convict, Alvin seems easy to break in on, TWICE.

Re: Negative Reaction comments

I agree about the ending. Everything seems too convenient, but it’s fun to see Galesko when he realizes he was tricked.

Re: Negative Reaction comments

Agree, the ending is disappointing, galesko was actually annoying me as we got to the end of the episode and I wanted to see him arrested, but not with a trick like that.