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Ransom for a Dead Man

Watching RFADM right now, first observation... why did it take that guy 45 minutes to hook up a wire tap? it may have been longer... we first see them gathered around the table, "are you done with that wire tap yet?"... "be just a bit more" or something to that effect, then there's casual conversation, (too casual if you ask me for someone who supposedly has a spouse kidnapped) then there's the intro of Columbo, he wanders around, he goes to the bathroom, she offers to go fix dinner, more conversation, and the guy still hasn't finished with the wire tap...

Re: Ransom for a Dead Man

Good question. I don't know anything about wire taps. Perhaps it was done this way to show that things don't get wrapped up neatly in one hour like on TV (LOL). Perhaps they just weren't that tech-savvy. Possibly, it was to show that all these FBI guys with their smug attitude, fancy equipment and procedures, bumbling around for 45 minutes, STILL won't be able to do what the little guy in the raincoat, who has to go to the bathroom, does.