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This Forum is fondly dedicated in memory of  "cassavetes45"  (Carleen Zink),
Columbo's greatest fan and a great friend to us all.
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Re: A Tribute to Cassavetes

I'm really sorry I got to this forum so late and never had a chance to really connect with Carleen. As I went back to look at many of them I began to realize her impact on this community. I doubt there would be much room for spam were she still here. The tributes on her memorial page on are touching - so many people from here left messages. It's really remarkable what an impression she left on so many people - both within her family at home and her family here. As a fellow Jerseyean, it's a bit more painful to think of what we lost - it would have been great to hook up with Carleen and discuss Columbo.

Thanks for sharing, Fred. I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels your loss.

Re: A Tribute to Cassavetes

I also came here late, I think I didn't discover this forum before the last couple of years, but I read most posts, and since I'm a curious person, I also happened to read about what happened with cassavetes and she seemed like a special person indeed, actually seeing her posts reminds me of one of my best online friends that I met in an mmo, and I think it was a very good tribute to dedicate this forum to her.

Re: A Tribute to Cassavetes

In agreement. Been connected to this site for nearly thirty years and admittedly don't contribute much these days mainly down to the fun (without spam ads) and friendly forum she helped create.

Miss you Cass.

Re: A Tribute to Cassavetes

I think of her often.

She really was a wonderful person.

I miss our chats.

They really did break the mould with her.