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Re: Peter Falk's Best Films!

You left out Roommates.

Re: Peter Falk's Best Films!

TFL!!! How could I forget Machine Gun McCain??!!...."...nobody does it like McCain..."....I had such a hard time getting that on vhs...but I finally got it last year...and yes it is not the greatest movie in the world...but it has Peter and JC in it, so that makes up for any lackings in plot. It is so campy gangster-y!
And the In-Laws...we have that on funny is that movie??? The enormous Tse-Tse flies..and of course serpentine!!

Re: Re: Peter Falk's Best Films!

Husbands (even though it's almost too down-to-earth for me ; I like things more "escapist") / A Step Out Of Line (not so well-known TV movie from ' 71) / Castle Keep (a really indescribable one). Also (even though it's not considered so good, in spite of the actors), I've always been very attached to LUV.

Re: Peter Falk's Best Films!

grant, i know what you are saying about husbands..there are parts to it that are a bit hard for many people to deal with. but for me...well, i just think it's fantastic. i've lost count on how many times i've watched it. there was a time i would watch it every friday evening! of course i know the dialogue by heart. there are many people who find it crude or sad or just too raw. but for me, as many times as i have seen it, i still laugh my butt off!!

and castle keep! wow! that is a gem of a movie. it is like a fantasy, filled with rich symbolism. the scene in the rose garden is filmed so poignant. i always had a problem with the fact that you don't see rossi (peter's character) actually dying. i read somewhere that the reason for this could possibly be that when we do see him and amberjack and clearboy in the garden they are already dead...and that is them in the afterlife.