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Columbo cases on trial: Dr Mayfield

I’ve been reading the interesting section about all of the Columbo cases and how they would hold up under a trial. I understand that the case against Dr Mayfield ("A Stitch In Crime") regarding the murder of his nurse may be dismissed because of insufficient evidence. However, after Dr. Hidemann discovers the truth about the suture I doubt Dr Mayfield’s medical licence will remain valid for very long. He’ll be lucky to find work as a doctor (much less a surgeon) anywhere in this country. Not to mention the civil suits that are going to suck up all of Dr Mayfield’s cash. That house looked nice, hope it was paid off.

I just thought that was interesting I always suspected that there was never enough evidence to prosecute Mayfield on the murder of the nurse, perhaps attempted murder on Hidemann. Of course, had the suture remained inside Hidemann and killed him an autopsy would have definitely led to a charge of first degree murder.
I know it’s no consolation for murder but even if the villain does escape criminal prosecution Columbo has usually left their reputation in ruins.

Re: Columbo cases on trial: Dr Mayfield

Interesting stuff Erik...I'd be interested in hearing your views on the other murder of Dr. Mayfield's...the murder of Harry Alexander...I guess they wouldn't have much on Mayfield there either.
Boy he was on a killing rampage!!

Re: Re: Columbo cases on trial: Dr Mayfield

An autopsy revealing the wrong suture may lead to a charge of murder, but a conviction requires "proof beyond a reasonable doubt" and I would bet a decent lawyer could raise that doubt. "Your honor, my client did not realize that the nurse gave him the wrong suture."

Maybe back in the 1970's when these shows were written the cases may have led to a conviction, but in this day and age I would bet that a lot of Columbo's killers would walk.

Re: Re: Re: Columbo cases on trial: Dr Mayfield

We must also remember that Dr. Mayfield had very exclusive access to where the drugs were kept to plant the morphine in his victim's apartment. That is strong evidence.

Re: Re: Columbo cases on trial: Dr Mayfield

Puzzling thing is, cassavetes, about the murder of Harry Alexander - it doesn't seem absolutely clear that he was dead. On the DVD I recently bought, Columbo doesn't explicitly say that Alexander has died; and he never accuses Dr. Mayfield of murdering him. I only assume that Alexander is dead because had he survived, he would have been able to give evidence against his assailant, and Dr. Mayfield would have been the obvious suspect. But falling down a staircase under the influence of drugs is not a sure-fired way of being killed. Why does Columbo or someone not mention that he died, and why does he never accuse Dr. Mayfield of murdering him?

Re: Columbo cases on trial: Dr Mayfield

Very good stuff the only thing that I could think of was the fact that it wasn't really the fall that killed him (if he was indeed killed??) but the dosage of the drug....a simple case of and O.D.
But you are right.........there is no mention of his death....very curious!!!!!