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When Columbo Gets Angry

Hi everyone....

Have missed posting here and was rewarded with the great strings - love the "tight pants" and "you're really addicted" ones. And thanks for the tips on the DVDs.

On "Exercise in Fatality", it's interesting when Columbo angrily orally slams Milo Janus when they're in the hospital waiting room after Ruth Stafford gets admitted.

That's the second time I've seen him get angry - and he really appears to be angry. The other time was in "Prescription Murder" when he's blasting Ray Fleming over the "faked" suicide of Joan Hudson.

Haven't seen all episodes but am wondering how many other times he's blown his fuse at a suspect. Falk gives such an incredibly convincing performance of anger - that in "Exercise" it seemed as if Milo hadn't left, he may have belted him a few times.... but he's not that kind of cop.

Anyway, that's been the burning issue for me... when Columbo gets seems it's rare but intense when he does!

Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

One that I've always liked was from the "Stitch In Crime" episode. Columbo blows his top with Dr. Mayfield (Spock) in his office. Very good scene.

Re: Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

I can hardly remember the episode; I've seen it only once, and I remember absolutely nothing about the scene.

Would you mind describing what happened? I don't have the DVD Series Set....


Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

Chuck that is my favorite one...the coffee carafe scene...when ever I watch that episode..I have to rewind and watch that scene over and over.
And another moment in Prescription: Murder is when Columbo interrogates Miss Hudson at the studio...he is down-right angry and mean to her...I know it was all part of his plan to scare her...but it is one of the rare moments in an episode where he gets so abusive with a woman...and frankly, I didn't like it. And in hindsight, I suppose the writer's and directors and Peter himself didn't like it too much because you never see him doing that too often, if ever, in the future.

Re: Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

My 2 cents. In Prescription Murder and A Stitch in Crime, Columbo is manipulating the villain/s to confess,make a slip of the tongue, a second move, anything. His explosion at Milo is genuine anger and accomplishes nothing. He totally drops the "force fields", and we see him as a man who thirsts for justice. Bad coat, Basset, jalopy, stupid questions, etc., are all in the backround.

Re: Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

I forgot all about the scene with the Ms. Hudson - too true!

I wondered if the writers/directors/producers were trying to adjust his character - seeing how "the tough guy" image played.... since it was the first episode.

I can't remember the scene with Leonard Nimoy in Stitch in Crime... probably because that's one of the few that Bravo/Hallmark hasn't shown repeatedly like they do the Prescription: Murder, etc.

I gotta get those DVDs.....

Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

it's not anger, but Columbo shows some annoyance when Paul Rifkin fails to give him the name of Jenifer Welles's other man at the jazz club. He says sarcastically, "Yeah, why would you ask for the name of the other man," and walks out,obviously disgusted.

Re: Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

In "Negative Reaction" during the final confrontation
with Paul Galesko (Dick Van Dyke) Columbo deliberatelyl gets hostile in order to rattle Galesko and to trip him up. What is interesting is that Columbo does NOT get upset when Galesko threatens him at the photo exhibition (I like it when he says to Columbo "you are like a little shaggy-haired terrier who has grabbed on to my trousers and won't let go" and "you are always looking at me with that fake innocent look"-Columbo maintains his calm in spite of this!).

Re: Re: Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

The "A Stitch in Crime" and "An Exercis in Fatality" scenes were genuine anger. So was the movie set scene with Joan Hudson is "Prescription: Murder," though the Columbo character had not yet fully been developed.

However, getting "angry" with Ray Flemming in the final scene of the pilot was not genuine anger because Columbo knew that Joan Hudson was not really dead.

Re: Re: Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

I've always thought he made a bit of a mistake in that "Exercise," scene apart from the anger, and that's that he accused Milo very directly, in front of witnesses. I don't know about these things, but if there were no arrest later on, could that be considered slander? As for being tempted to hit him, I doubt that "out of shape" Columbo (his own words) would hit a famous health expert, unless he were VERY angry. (Let alone one played by Robert Conrad, considering his tough guy image, on and off television!)

Re: Re: Re: Re: When Columbo Gets Angry

It took me the longest while to think of this, but one reason for his anger at Dr. Mayfield was that his original "victim" (the other doctor) was still alive, but "hanging in the balance." So for a change, Columbo wasn't just angry about something the other character HAD DONE, but about something else, that could be PREVENTED. So in a way, it was almost a one-of-a-kind scene for THAT reason too. Someone mentioned very mild cases of anger. In "Blueprint For Murder", Columbo goes from apologizing to Markham for those reporters (typical of him) to getting just a little mad when he finds out that Markham HIMSELF called the reporters (which is, of course, less typical).