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Re: Victoria's Best Columbo's

Here are my Top 10 favorites:
1. Identity Crisis
2. Candidate For Crime
3. Publish or Perish
4. A Friend In Deed
5. By Dawn's Early Light
6. The Conspirators
7. Troubled Waters
8. Playback
9. Etude In Black
10. A Case of Immunity

Re: Victoria's Best Columbo's

this week i would pick:

ransom for a dead man (always #1!)
a friend in deed
prescription murder
a deadly state of mind
etude in black
now you see him
death lends a hand
murder by the book
make me a perfect murder
identity crisis (even though i don't understand it!)

Re: Re: Victoria's Best Columbo's

Lets try mine, In no particular order

How to Dial a Murder
Suitable for Framing
Now You See Him
Agenda (Been a while though)
Publish or Perish
Hazardous to health

Re: Victoria's Best Columbo's

Reading this thread, I thought someone else was posting with my name, and thought it was a coincidence that another Paul also hadn't seen Any Old Storm, then I realised it actually was me, and the thread is nearly half a year old, I had completely forgotten about it. You certainly dug deep in the archives to revive this one Greenleaf

Re: Victoria's Best Columbo's

Paul you have cracked me up yet again!!!!!

I liked your choices Greenleaf!!