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Uncle Rudy/Randy's Music!

I was just in my office here....well I call it my nest because it is only 8x7...and my desk is 5x3!!! so there isn't much space..well..I have been cleaning it up like a son-of-a-gun. I have the tv on in the next is the movie Jezebel with Bette Davis and Henry Fonda....well, all of a sudden I hear this music playing...and it is very beautiful....and then I realize that it is so very very turns out it is the music Uncle Rudy/Randy is playing at the start of Suitable for Framing!! I looked it up and it is Chopin's Etude in E.......I think someone inquired about this a while back.....well just thought I would post this........aaaahhhh.....back to cleaning...wish me luck!!

Re: Uncle Rudy/Randy's Music!

Where does the "Randy" come from? I thought his name was simply Rudy.

Re: Uncle Rudy/Randy's Music!

David....yes of course you are right..his name is Uncle Rudy Matthews.......but the "Uncle Randy" thing is sort of a running joke with see in the Columbo Phile book he is mentioned as Randy instead of Headache picked up on that and of course he ran with it...and also one time I mistakenly said Randy instead of Rudy in one of my posts and he got all over me about it!! ...but lovingly of course!! So that is the story of the Randy/Rudy saga.

Re: Uncle Rudy/Randy's Music!

yes, this is an old thread. and lookie!! ^ i used to use capital letters sometimes!!

anyway.....i just wanted to say that this same wonderous music, chopin's etude in e..(not you, e ) can be heard in a wonderful little old movie, 'the enchanted cottage'. it stars robert young and dorothy mcguire, and it is a precious gem of a picture.

Re: Uncle Rudy/Randy's Music!

just beautiful.......