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Another site has your Columbo goofs

I have discovered another website with the columbo goofs taken from this site. For those interested, it is at

The text however is translated into German and changed around so it doesn't look like plagarism.

Does this infringe on copyright from this site?

If you already know, sorry about it.

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

Ewww....that's creepy to see....they have all the same pictures and everything....sort of like a ""!!!

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

Copyrights aside, it's just rude, not least to the Ultimate Columbo Site fans who spotted the goofs and sent them here, and who are not credited on the German site. As you saw, the German site took not just the ideas, but also the video captures, which are time-consuming to make.

I found that site quite a while ago, and sent the link to webmaster Steve, who sent them a complaint. I forget what the lame response was.

But I've seen our work on dozens of other web sites, including sites not strictly about Columbo. It goes with the territory. The thiefs are proving their lack of creativity. We have to just be satisfied with knowing we're most stolen-from because we're top of the heap.

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

Well, you are being very tolerant and understanding Ted. And by saying that this site is the most stolen from.....that is a great way to find some good in the bad!! Good for you!

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

I know how we could get back at those dirty thieves...

Unfortunately, it involves murder. So not everyone here may want to get involved.

Re: Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

After watching all those episodes of Columbo, you'd think some of us might at least have an idea of what NOT to do!!

Pot calling the Kettle Black

Hey, #2, you got some nerve worrying about infringement rights when you blatenly take my name and dilute it with a #2

You will pay for this, I am going over to my Godfather message board and contact some of my friends there!

Re: Pot calling the Kettle Black (Boo Hoo)

Grow up #1. Who the heck has copyright on a last name anyhow?? I'll call myself whatever I like brother!! It's a free country isn't it? You do it, don't you? Anyway, my post was about plagarism. It's not about using someone else's last name.

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

Oh Mrs. Peck...or should I say Mrs. Peck #1??? are terrrrrific!! When I originally saw Mrs. Peck #2's post I hadn't realized that it was a #2...(not that there is anything wrong with that Mrs. Peck #2 ).....

Now who would do the dirty deed over on your Godfather board??...Clemenza?..Tessio?..Luca Brasi?..or maybe Moe Greene?.....Michael and Sonny would have no part of it..I know that for a fact! But maybe Tom Hagen or Kay Adams..with the help of Fredo or Johnny Fontane or members of the Tattaglia family??!!

Hey Mrs. Peck #2...don't is ok...Mrs. Peck (#1) is a sweetheart...and a great Columbo fan...and more importantly..a great guy!

Re: Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

For the time being I will the Godfathers advice:

Keep your friends close, but your friends closer

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

.........keep your friends close...but your enemies closer.......

Right back attcha, PECK!!

Thanks to Cass

Thanks for the correction. Multi tasking isn't my forte. Im watching the Phillies game while on the PC and enjoying a glass of white merlot

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

Who's winning?

And I am having a litle wine myself... It's ok..I am on vacation...

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

Chill Mrs Peck #2
Check out Mrs Pecks last 4 smilies.

Was meant to be a joke


Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

And I will chime in too....Mrs. Peck put enough smiley icons in his post to choke a horse.....he was only kidding.....

Battle of the Mrs Pecks

Cass, some people just dont get it! Its a shame some people are just so absorbed in their lives and don't have a sense of humor. It always amazes how some people like to start debates and arguements on internet message boards. They just don't understand message boards are "for entertainment purposes only"

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

you are right i said on the colsy site, you are a nice guy on here and you are also a nice guy for other let me realize that i shouldn't put out personal info on myself way back last year when i first posted here...and you did it so nicely....and i still thank you for that...
it is just that when i visit other boards...and there are not too many........i just see such meaness....and i think it is uncalled for...i just don't like doesn't happen here too often..thank heavens.........well.....whatever........i hope the "pecks" can come to terms..

Message Board Tactics

Cass, I have learned that when things get a little heated on message boards, the best tactic is just ignore them, and move on. There is no sense trying to explain to some people, things that are posted for fun, if they don't get it.

I follow the words of my favorite Biblical quote:

"Go from the presence of a foolish man, in whom thou perceivest not the lips of knowledge." Proverbs 14:7

In other words, "Don't waste your time arguing with an idiot"

Re: Another site has your Columbo goofs

That was a great quote from the Bible...thanks It made me feel better...I just can't stand when this kind of junk turns up....In the words of Rodney King..."Can't we all just get along??"