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Robert Vaughn

Robert Vaughn is my favorite killer on the "Columbo" films. He did two "Columbo" films. Troubled Waters in 1975 and Last Salute to the Commodore in 1976. I enjoyed them both a lot. I thought Troubled Waters was better overall. Peter Falk and Robert Vaughn were really great togther, I wish the "Columbo" producers will get Vaughn back to do another one!! They both had meticulous acting styles. The chemistry between these two was excellent!! Vaughn was pretty low key in both films, he was pretty subdued .

Peter Falk has some movies coming out I really do not know when. I hope this year. They are

1.3 Days of Rain
2.Checking Out
3.The Thing About My Folks
5.The Book of Joe
As far as I know these are all done. I hope Peter Falk will sign up for a new "Columbo" film one of these days. Peter Falk should find time this year to make one!! I hope it will happen. God Bless Peter Falk. Thanks for reading!

Re: Robert Vaughn

I just saw Robert Vaughn in a special about Steve McQueen. I think it was on the AMC channel. Maybe TCM. I'm not certain how long ago this special was made, but I can say that Robert Vaughn looked darn good. Vaughn had co-starred with McQueen in "Bullit". A great movie!

Re: Re: Robert Vaughn

He was also in "The Magnificent Seven" with Steve McQueen. They had him playing a "sophisticated" gunslinger.

Re: Re: Re: Robert Vaughn

And he's been busy in the UK doing a BBC series called Hustle, where he plays the veteran in a gang of con artists. I think they've done two seasons of it now and it's quite a good show.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Robert Vaughn

My favorite role of Vaughn's was his one-man portrayal of Franklin Roosevelt. I think it was done some 20 or so years ago when one-person dramas seemed so popular (Give'm Hell, Harry and Belle of Amherst). I think it was on Broadway for a while and then made into a TV special.